Geographical Tour to ISRO, Ahmadabad and Tidi Village, Udaipur

Activity Report

The IIS University

Department of Geography

Field Visit


Activity: 3 Days Educational Tour

Date: 28th February – 3rd March, 2017

Venue: ISRO, Ahmadabad and Tidi Village, Udaipur


The Department had organized a 3 day Educational Trip to Ahmadabad and Udaipur.

Day 1 - The main focus of the Trip was to visit the Indian Space Research Organization, Ahmadabad. This was also in relation to the National Science Day. The students there visited the Exhibition Centre, where they saw various working models related to space and space research done by ISRO. This was followed by a movie on ‘Mission on Mars’ and Interactive session with a senior scientist. The special session for the students also included the viewing of a 3D movie regarding Satellite Launch made by NASA. In the evening the students visited the Law Garden, where they enjoyed local Gujarati shopping.


Day 2 – The students visited the Akshardham Temple and the Sabarmati Ashram. This was followed by a visit to ‘Adalaj ki Vav’, an ancient Water Harvesting structure. Here ancient water conservation techniques were studied and observed by the students. The group also visited the Ahmadabad Mall. In the evening a DJ night was enjoyed by the students.


Day 3 – Village Survey at Tidi Village, Udaipur was organized. Deccan Lava Rocks and the weathered-eroded upland was the main physiographic feature of the area. Here the students conducted the Socio-Economic Survey and studied the relief features of the area. The Tidi Dam, which is a watershed region of this area was also visited.


Activity Coordinator:-

Name:     Dr. Mini Mathur                                              Dr. Harshita Upadhyaya

Designation:   Senior Assistant Professor                              Assistant Professor

                        Department of Geography                            

                        The IIS University, Jaipur