FIELD SURVEY (2019-20)

Activity Report

IIS (deemed to be University)

Department of Geography


Activity: Field Survey

Date: 28th Feb 2020

Time: 08:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Venue: Geography Lab,IISU Campus, Jaipur 

The Department organized the demonstrations for Field Survey for the students of the courses mentioned below:


Paper Code and Paper Title

BA/ BSc/ Bed (P/H) (Practical)

GEO 403 (Practical)

BA/ BSc/ Bed (P/H) (Practical)

GEO 603 (Practical)


The surveys that were dealt with are:

  • Socio Economic Survey
  • Physical Survey

This activity was conducted as part of the curriculum of the above mentioned courses in order to sensitize them towards the various Socio-economic and Physical Aspects of an area. The students were taught schedule framing and what should they expect when collecting primary data. Data Analysis and Report formulation was also discussed. The activity was well appreciated by the students who were able to frame an effective schedule for data collection and compilation.

Faculty Co-ordinators: Dr. Harshita Upadhyaya and Ms. Taniya Singh

                                 Department of Geography