Activity Report

The IIS University

Department of Geography

Fest Activity- Geographic Spiel


Activity: Fest

Date: 29th September, 2016

Time: 10:00 to 3:00

Venue: The IIS University Campus


The Department conducted an Inter-College Activity ‘Geographic Spiel’ during the Annual Fest- 2016, ‘Cosmos’. There were three activities namely- CARTOSQUE, SCOUT A SPOT and TERRA  INCOGNITA were conducted. These activities were related to Map making, Location Places on Map and Treasure Hunt. The following institutions participated:-

1. Maharani Girls College, Jaipur

2. Maharaja Boys College, Jaipur

3. St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur

4. Parishkar College of Global Excellence, Jaipur

5. Universe College, Jaipur

6. Kanoria P.G. Mahavidhyalaya, Jaipur

7. SJM College, Jaipur

8. S.S.G. Pareek P.G. College, Jaipur

9. Dr. B. Lal Institute, Jaipur

10. The IIS University, Jaipur

The Activity was judged by Prof. R.N. Mishra and Dr. B.L. Gupta from Department of Geography, University of Rajasthan.

Results were:




Maharani Girls’ College, Jaipur


The IIS University, Jaipur


St. Xavier’s  College, Jaipur


Activity Coordinator:-

Name: Dr. Mini Mathur and Dr. Harshita Upadhyaya

Designation: Assistant Professor

                      Department of Geography

                      IIS University, Jaipur