All the Papers for the Current Semester End Examination will be based on following Four Units

  IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
  Department of Geography    
  UNITS to be OMITTED    
UG Paper Title Paper Code Omitted Unit Selected Units
Atmosphere and Hydrosphere GEO 201 V I, II, III, IV
Economic Geography of Rajasthan GEO 202 II I, III, IV, V
Scales and Statistical Methods in Geography GEO 203 PRACTICAL PAPER
Contemporary Geography of India GEO 401 V I, II, III, IV
Environmental Geography GEO 402 V I, II, III, IV
Surveying and Statistics in Geography GEO 403 PRACTICAL PAPER
Geographical Methodologies GEO 601 V I, II, III, IV
Introduction to Remote Sensing GEO 602 V I, II, III, IV
PG Oceanography GEO 221 V I, II, III, IV
Quantitative Geography GEO 222 V I, II, III, IV
Social Geography GEO 223 V I, II, III, IV
Medical Geography GEO 224 III I, II, IV, V
Practical in Geography of Tourism GEO 225 PRACTICAL PAPER
Seminar: Research Methodology GEO 226 SEMINAR